Thursday, 8 July 2010

Twechar Healthy Living Centre

Twechar Healthy Living Centre - workshops run through the summer.  The morning group runs 11 - 1 and is a painting class.  The groups are painting the surrounding landscape of Twechar.  Some have previously made images with pastels and wanted to try a new medium, and are handling the paint very well.  The landscapes have come on very quickly in the first couple of sessions.

Some of the youth workers at the centre have been joining us for the classes lending their assistance and hopefully gaining some valued experience that they can put to use in the future.

All the participants are showing great promise and enthusiasm and I am looking forward to seeing how their works develop. Watch this space for further updates on their art work.

The Youth Group runs in the afternoon from 1-3 and again I have the good fortune of having assistance from the youth workers who have a great rapor with the participants and readily join in with the art making.  The younger group are building up street art style images of things they have taken part in at Twechar Healthy Living Centre.

These workshops are proving to be very colourful and bold, and the list of activities that the youths have taken part in is pretty extensive.  So it is providing us with a good opportunity to demonstrate the diversity of the youths in the area as well as expanding on their skills.

 Looking forward to the next workshop with you all at Twechar.

Watch this post to see updates on the work being made over the summer by the young people at Twechar Healthy Living Centre.
the novice painters develop their skills

a serious business

Do you think the hair will help?

 The painting class has surpassed itself.  They have made great progress and are making some lovely paintings - hope to exhibit them as part of G66 + Live.  Fingers crossed they will do it.

designing tags

working on posters for the centre

end workshop

Youth workers share their skills

The workshops at Twechar with youthworkers and young people were very productive.  We produced a range of posters to show the centres activities and also worked on increasing street art design skills.  

some of our posters

Some of the tags