Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Big Draw

The Big Draw is a national Campaign for Drawing that happens all over the country through the month of October.  This year as part of the residency I organised two events to run on the 6th and 7th of October and try to get as many people in and around the college drawing for at least 5 minutes of their day.  This is no mean task, a lot of people seem scared to even try and draw, but with the pressure on those who braved it and took part came up trumps..
East Dunbartonshire Campus Big Draw
The Art Students at the East Dunbartonshire campus were a real linch pin in this event.  I can only applaud their imagination and their inclusiveness of everyone who took part.  Our first participant on that day was Carol Huggins, the campus manager.  Says it all really. The Campus rewarded us with the sentiment of it being a very substantial event and I can only thank the staff and students and all others who chose to take part in this event. 
If the big draw was an album this would be the cover.

A G66 + Live participant who came back to share some inspiration

2 of our best draughtsmen at the campus

Yes it is a dinosaur.

Pure concentration.
Some of our artists of the day and as you can see from the finished images at the beginning of the post a lot of imagination and hidden talents amongst the students and staff at our East Dunbartonshire Campus. If you  would like to see the drawings in more detail we are planning to exhibit them in January at the Residency Exhibition.

Pics of the Pics

Big Draw Cumbernauld Campus
 October the 7th was The Big Draw at the Cumbernauld College Campus.  We had a really good and varied turn out for the day, and once again was supported in whole by the art department.
The main difference picked up on quite expertly by Steven Hart was that the foreground theme on this one was roads as opposed to water, as it was for kirkintilloch.  But we also had a few recurring themes.  Like a cube drawn in quite high up in the second board of both sets of drawings. Aliens (always a popular one), sheep, castles and clouds.

Input from Sweden

The work of this participating artist was probably the most commented on

 Just a small sample of some of our vast array of participants on the day.  Again the Big Draw was supported very well by the Cumbernauld Campus too, and as in Kirkintilloch remarks made about it happening on a more regular basis.  I think that now the college knows about the big draw it would be a good thing to continue on an annual basis, both days were very succesful and rewarding in the final images created by a huge selection of creative thoughts.
This is my favourite part of the Cumbernauld Campus Big Draw