Monday, 23 August 2010

Ourspace KHCC

Tonight I met with a group of young people and their volunteer youth workers in Our Space based at Kirkintilloch Health and Care Centre,  to discuss photos they had taken for the See Me Photography Competition 2010.  A couple of the members re took their photographs and others discussed editing of their original works.  We are meeting again next week to finalise their photos to enter.

 After meeting with them a second time these are some of the young people taking pictures to enter the See Me photography competition and also one of the photographs they took on the night.
They used a digital camera to take a range of photos that they felt demonstrated support to them.

They have created a shortlist of images so they can select entries for the competition.  It was good fun facilitating the workshop they came up with some great ideas and compositions and gained some experience of using a digital SLR.  They made group decisions on which photos they wanted to choose from and I am looking forward to seeing their final choices as entries. Their teamwork and characters were a perfect example of the theme of the competition.  Good luck let us know how you get on.

Positive Alternatives Peer Education Group

Tonight I met with the Peer Education Group, approximately 8 young people aged between 17 and 25. They have been working with Positive Alternatives since last October training to be peer educators. They have completed their training and have now decided to develop an educational alcohol and drug based board game as a means to help other young people learn about these issues.

They have created the components for this game and I am working with them over a few sessions to help them with the visual design of it and facilitating the beginnings of a scaled down version of the life size game.   

 This was the beginning of the making of their miniature ( yes this is down sized) version of their game.  After meeting during the week we brought together some images and lettering to accompany their concepts of the game.  Initially there was a bit of concern that they would need more help in the design but I think they have proved their capabilities in bringing it all together.  
This smaller version of the game gives the group the opportunity to  decide on the final look of the game, choosing the designs and colours that work best for them.  Ultimately they will be looking to have the game manufactured into a durable touring game that will be a forum to discuss the issues surrounding drugs and alcohol. 
There was a great amount of work put into this game before I met with the group and it was good to help them a little bit toward the realisation of a great idea.  Facilitating these workshops meant helping them with accumulating materials for the mock up, assisting them in finalising the look of the game and advising them on materials to complete this stage of their design.  
Well done to all involved I will be in touch to see the end product.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


The Croy Miners Welfare is the hub for our project and our contact group is The Croy Historical Society. The centre itself has provided us with the opportunity to create a kind of time line mural in the main hall.

This is really developing into another intergenerational project with as we have our incredibly well informed research group in The Historical Society who are also actively putting the word out to family and friends in the community about the project, and bringing in young volunteers to help with the painting.

The mural is made up of 10 panels arranged around the hall so all 4 walls are used.  Each panel will depict a different era and aspect of Croy but with subject matter that the surrounding communities will be able to relate to aswell. 

The outside framework of the Mural represents the Roses and Castle Style or Brightwork so readily associated with the barges that use the canal and the vibrant colours will frame the sepia toned images that will be the main pictures in each panel.  I will update the images as the mural is added to so you can see it progress to a finished piece.
 One of the Women of Wisdom from Kilsyth kindly came to visit and help with a little bit more painting of the mural.  Bit of Cross community work.  
  This is the underpainting for the 1st panel of Drumglass, lots of work ahead still but everyone at the centre can start to see how the will develop.
The work continues on and after the Historical Society's 10th Anniversary exhibition I will be recruiting help from our Get Ready for Work team at the College.  The Exhibition went really well and drummed up interest in the mural.  I am hoping to get in touch with the local Youth Group when they start up again to recruit their help too.

The recreated village home

The exhibition and panels of the mural

This part of the exhibition will be re created on the back wall.

1st wall in progress