Monday, 23 August 2010

Ourspace KHCC

Tonight I met with a group of young people and their volunteer youth workers in Our Space based at Kirkintilloch Health and Care Centre,  to discuss photos they had taken for the See Me Photography Competition 2010.  A couple of the members re took their photographs and others discussed editing of their original works.  We are meeting again next week to finalise their photos to enter.

 After meeting with them a second time these are some of the young people taking pictures to enter the See Me photography competition and also one of the photographs they took on the night.
They used a digital camera to take a range of photos that they felt demonstrated support to them.

They have created a shortlist of images so they can select entries for the competition.  It was good fun facilitating the workshop they came up with some great ideas and compositions and gained some experience of using a digital SLR.  They made group decisions on which photos they wanted to choose from and I am looking forward to seeing their final choices as entries. Their teamwork and characters were a perfect example of the theme of the competition.  Good luck let us know how you get on.

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