Wednesday, 29 September 2010

G66 + Live

 The G66 + Live went really well.  A varied exhibition of work provided the backdrop for workshops on Sunday the 29th of August.  My students from Twechar Healthy Living Centre exhibited their paintings after only 5 weeks of workshops.  They all did so well in the workshops it was a great excuse to show off their work at a creative community event.

Well done to you all.  Your painting came on in leaps and bounds over such a short period of time.

I put in a piece of my own too, and so did Shiela and Kelly from the art department.  Eddie Kennedy exhibited and had his work snapped up as well - nice one Eddie.
 Sorry no pictures of the others pieces of work but hopefully they will be able to e mail me some so I can post them up on the blog.

The 29th of August was the exhibition and event day at the East Dunbartonshire Campus.  I ran some workshops as part of the day.  Lots of printing and stencilling and painting using the Brightworks style of art from the barges as inspiration for the workshops.  Participation of parents especially of the younger children was openly encouraged and the end results were very rewarding for all involved.  An especially big thank you has to go out to Jenna, one of the colleges portfolio students for volunteering to help out on the sunday - couldn't have done it without you Jenna.

The Bright Stars workshops was a family workshop so babies to 5yr olds could participate.  Family panels were created using paint and stencils on coloured paper.  Very messy and very rewarding.

The workshop for older children was a t shirt printing workshop.  We used  shapes cut from the 1st workshops stencils to create individual designs for the t shirts.  It proved to be a very family orientated and inclusive day.

Having the East Dunbartonshire Campus as the venue made the workshops much more accessable and provided a great environment to create art while surrounded by art. Having an exhibition surrounding the workshop meant that we almost became a part of the exhibit and the inspiration seemed to travel back and forth between making and viewing.

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